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Miraculous Photographs taken at Our Lady of the Roses Shrine
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Taken at the vigil of February 10th, 1973. The photo was taken of Our Lady’s Shrine Statue. But appearing miraculously upon the photograph, first of all, in the upper left hand corner in white rosary bead formation appears the capital letter G. In the upper right hand corner, one above the other appears two hourglasses. Or, viewed in another perspective, two chalices. At the lower left hand base of Our Lady’s Shrine Statue in small case appear the words “by sky”. The message of Heaven behind the photographs, the capital G stands for God. We are told the chalice of God’s fierce wrath is about to be poured out upon humanity because of the sins of mankind. The hourglasses stand for time. That time is growing very short. We are told by Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord in their message that very soon God is going to send a great Chastisement upon the world. We are told though that before this Chastisement occurs God will send to the world a Warning, a word-wide Warning which will precede the Chastisement.

This Warning will come directly from God and will come by the sky. The Warning will consist of an explosion in the sky. The sky shall roll back like a scroll and the force of this explosion will go into the very core of the human. At the time of this Warning, every person on earth will see their sins as God sees them. It will be like a burning fire within us, a revelation of our sins. The Warning in itself will be of a short duration, approximately ten to twenty minutes. As the word itself states it is not a punishment, but is it a warning sent from Almighty God, which will precede the Chastisement. Our Lord gave us one time indication of when this Warning would occur. Our Lord told us that when you see, when you hear, when you feel the revolution in Rome, when you see the Holy Father fleeing, seeking refuge in another land know that the time is ripe. If you see upon your news reports, whether it be radio, TV, or newspaper, a report of revolution in Italy, revolution in Rome, and that the Holy Father has to flee for his safety and his life this is a time indication from Heaven that this Warning will soon come to mankind. Our Lady has also told us in her message, in a sense it is very sad. Our Lady had told us that the hearts of man today are so hardened that very soon after this Warning many will return to their sinful way of life, many will return onto the wide road to perdition. And because of this Our Lady has told us that the Chastisement will follow the Warning, one will follow the other. The Chastisement will consist of two parts, the first part being World War III; the second part being the Ball of Redemption, which will be a chastising comet or a fiery comet which will strike the earth. And between these two events, between the Warning and the following Chastisement, will occur upon our earth a great Miracle. This Miracle will occur in Garabandal, Spain. Garabandal is a small village in northern Spain, which through the year 1960 to 1965 the Blessed Mother appeared to four small children. Within Our Lady’s message given at Garabandal she promised that within this village would occur a great Miracle. Our Lady at Bayside, in her message of December 24, 1973, told us, “to believe what you see in Garabandal” referencing the great Miracle that will appear there.

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September 05, 2010