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Miraculous Photo Gallery #1

The following miraculous photos are a small sampling 
of the thousands of photos taken at the Our Lady of Roses,
Mary help of Mother's Shrine grounds.

Click on pictures (#1 - 25) for enlargement.






Miraculous photo gallery #2

Miraculous photo gallery #3

Miraculous photo gallery #4

Miraculous photo gallery #5

June 18th Anniversary Vigil highlights

June 18, 2011 - 41st Anniversary Vigil

Photos of Veronica at Rosary vigils


"You will continue to read the photographs very carefully, My child. They are a special grace to give you strength in the mission ahead. They will also be in the future, positive evidence for the investigation." - Our Lady, December 27, 1975

"My child, the photographs you have been receiving, many were given to you for the present and some for the future. These photographs, miracles in print, are given for your edification. They bear witness to the Message of Heaven, and they will be a personal gift to many for their personal edification."
- Our Lady, August 21, 1974

"You will be very busy studying the incoming photographic manifestations. Many are temporarily blinded to what story lies hidden in these photos. We have adopted this means to communicate with a blinded generation. As We gather the sheep, many will receive manifestations. The sight to see beyond the veil will be given to many as you line up in battle against Lucifer."
- Our Lady, March 24, 1973

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